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Here at Bartons we are passionate to bring the best quality of plant material to our customers.  We love what we do and we want to extend that passion and enthusiasm to you. 

Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your trip to Barton Nurseries.

Wear Boots

It be can be VERY muddy so come prepared.

Take Measurements

Take rough measurements of the desired area that you wish to landscape

Take Pictures

Take pictures of the desired area and potential plant options


Look up potential tree options and ask about them

Benefits of a Superior Landscape

Economic Benefits:

• Landscaping adds an average of 14.8% to a home’s value.

• Homes with attractive landscaping sell quicker - by as much as five to six                   weeks.

• As home improvements go, landscaping is an excellent investment.                              Recovery value at selling time can be 100 to 200%.

• Landscaping enhances property values, which add to the community’s tax                base.

• Proper placement of shade trees and evergreen windbreaks reduces cooling          and heating costs.

Environmental Benefits

• Trees moderate urban “heat islands” created by extensive paved areas.                     Lawns cool a home at the same rate as a one-ton air conditioner. Lawns               also trap dust, absorb noise and provide outdoor living areas for children             and adults.

• One tree removes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year and            releases about 13 pounds of oxygen-enough for a family of four on a daily            basis.

• Plants reduce noise pollution up to 50 percent.

• Plants control runoff and erosion. They allow soil to absorb water, returning it         to aquifers. Decreased runoff means less urban flooding.

• Lawns slow the spread of wildfires to homes.

• Plants provide food and habitat for wildlife, which contributes to biodiversity        and a healthier environment.

• Landscaping creates green space for human rest, recreation and renewal.

Bringing Communities Together
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